More Kids on Bikes! Beat the Heat by Catching Speed

Columbia Basin BMX invites Local Riders to Use The Track at No Cost

By Faith Spencer July 17, 2024

He's only Three! And riding his two-wheeler on a BMX track for FREE. 

Columbia Basin BMX has an amazing bike track available for use during the week for free, when races are not being held. The track has a variety of bump sizes and nice high - walled curves for speedy turns. Though my son was intimidated by some of the bigger hills, they didn't stop him from doing the track loop back and forth, over and over. The track is sticky enough he could actually catch himself going up the hill and then just walk the bike up the rest of the hill. 

There was no tearing him away from the track. I asked him three times if he wanted water, and he would not be deterred from his continuous riding. Over an hour of riding before he decided to rest. I would recommend knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and at least a helmet. Other kids riding were using their balance bikes also and were having a great time striding up and down the track. 

For those siblings that might not be quite as excited about speeding up and down hills, there is a large playground very nearby the track. 

Check out Columbia Basin BMX for other events coming up this summer, such as races or gate practice.