Miss Mei Makes Learning Music Fun!

Grow Your Child's Brain this Summer with Piano Camp

By Faith Spencer July 1, 2024

I have to admit...when I signed my daughter up for a Piano Camp that was three hours long for five days in a row (yes, it's long enough to actually get errands done between drop off and pickup!) - I was hesitant. It seemed like a lot of time to be playing the piano for a five year old attention span. 

But my doubts went out the window as soon as I picked her up the first day. She loved the camp so much that she had a hard time sleeping that night because she was so excited to go back and learn more! I am not exaggerating. 

Miss Mei is encouraging, polite, and professional. My daughter worked on two new songs each day, but focused on one particular song to play for her in-studio recital on the final day of the week. Mei focused on finger placement in addition to tempo, and musical sign recognition. I appreciated that each day when I asked how my daughter was doing, Miss Mei had some feedback. This showed me her attentiveness to students' individual needs.

Aside from playing the piano, students did music craft/writing sheets, played games, and shared a treat at the end of each day. The final day the students had a well-earned a cozy day on which they watched The Secret Life of Pets before they performed for their families. 

There are varying ages attending the camp which was really neat - my daughter enjoyed listening to the older students playing their music, as it motivated her to keep learning. 

Mei's camp instilled an eagerness for learning the piano. Since attending, my daughter has not missed a day of playing the piano - all of her own initiative. Also, see the photo above! She started teaching her little brother how to place his fingers on Day 2 of the camp!

If you are interested in signing your child up, please visit Mei's website here.